I get furious as fuck tbh it always feels personal. Like I KNOW you can see how fat I am stop saying this shit around me!

this past weekend at work (my retail job), my coworker who is literally a beanpole size 00, speaking directly to me, was like, “cienna, i’ve gained 15 pounds in the last [general period of time]! nothing fits me anymore!”

my response was something like a shrug and, “oh well. it happens.”

and she was like, “no, you don’t understand! everyone in my family is really fat. my dad gained a lot of weight around my age. i’m starting to get scared. i’ve been running a lot more lately because i need to fix this problem.”

and the whole time i was just like?????????????????????? i am the only fat person who works in this store. we don’t even carry above a size 16 here. i can’t even buy clothes at the clothing store in which i work. again, i am the only fat person who works here. you could have complained to literally anyone else!!!!! and yet here you are.

at that point it is personal, tbh.

this sociologist came to my contemporary theory class today to talk about this paper he made us read which was about the inconsistent uses of “structure” in sociological texts, and was talking about how we should instead call things what they really are, like systems, networks, etc.

so after he named all these things that shouldn’t be called “structure,” i was like, “since we’ve named everything that isn’t structure, what is uniquely structure, exactly?”

and the example he gave me involved family trees and systems of organization.

so basically, in explaining to me what were structures rather than systems or networks, he used both systems and networks.

he might be full of shit. more on this later.

every time i hear random thin people, my thin friends, thin coworkers, whoever say things like “ugh, i’ve gained 10 pounds. this is such a problem. i’m getting so fat!” or “i can’t wear this. it makes me look fat!” or “i feel so fat right now.” literally right in front of me, i want to be like

"why is everyone so afraid of being fat? i’m fat. it’s really not so bad."

but i can’t do that because fat people always whine and complain, right? even if they’re calling out people who are whining and complaining. our perceptions of bodies are so fucked up that if i say something like that, they’ll think i’m getting defensive and therefore that i’m the one who is insecure.

that’s so fucking ridiculous.

i think lay and chen are actually the nicest people in exo

maybe kai sometimes because he’s a literal baby

i don’t know if suho’s actually nice i just think he’s a pushover




I just want to explain how satoori works but like 1. I don’t really know 2. I would look up how it works but Korean is hard … 

But still it’s cool how much I know just by hearing it? Like 머라카노 means What/What are [they] saying because it’s similar to 뭐라고 and 뭐라그러니, 뭐라그러노 etc etc I can’t explain this I give up

but basically I could probably explain what some satoori means by guessing but it won’t be backed up by facts and linguistic studies but the fact that I know it on the surface without having much knowledge of satoori is cool ??? idk

Satoori is basically just regional dialects of Korean that emerged from the fact that Korean as a language developed first as a spoken language and then the writing system emerged much later. 

The actual development of satoori basically stems from the geography of Korea, and the fact that being so mountainous meant that traveling from region to region could take weeks if not months and thus the regions, in roughly geographical isolation, started adding regional touches to the language and created regional dialects. 

Which is why, even in the same region, the satoori will differ a bit, like, taking the 경상도 satoori you showed as an example, how people from 부산 will use the more harder 경상남도 satoori like ~따 or ~아이가 while 경북 uses a satoori which people from 경상남도 will call a bit more softer? like ~했지예 ~맞지예 or ~능교. 

That’s kind of why people tend to have the hardest time understanding 제주도 satoori. Due to the isolation and distance from basically Seoul the dialect is actually the least changed and altered and thus preserves the older form of Korean the best with added terms specific to 제주도 satoori and also a few grammatical changes which actually makes people believe that 제주도 satoori could technically be considered a separate language from modern day Korean in it’s current form, albeit sharing a root. 

THIS IS SO COOL thank you!!!

sunlandia replied to your post “[[MOR]…….i found out today there’s a very good chance i have the…”

WOW congratulations!!! i just found out the other day that i get to wear ~stars~ on my sleeve at commencement because i’m in the top 5% of my class o/

oooooh!!!!! that’s cool!!! congratulations to you, too!!

dubustuff replied to your post “[[MOR]…….i found out today there’s a very good chance i have the…”

i think at my school they called it departmental distinction or something? congratulations though!

thank you!!! i really don’t know what it will mean, though? it’s cool but i’m kinda confused about the whole thing.


I can’t keep this a secret any longer and I might get killed or arrested for telling you guys this but enough is enough. I refuse to keep this hidden any longer.

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how to dance the kyungsoo style



Happy valentines day babe!! Yah I got u a bottle of ketchup